Will Branske



Still A Rose                                                                      Lead                                                          Hazart

E Ticket Ride                                                                   Lead                                                          Steven Michael

I Will Go With You                                                          Lead                                                          Nathan Elias

True Love Waits                                                              Lead                                                          Sohina Sidhu (USC Short)

Memories                                                                        Lead                                                          Kellen Chatman (Outset Short)

Touch Me in the Morning                                              Lead                                                          Frankie Kraft (NYFA Short)

When Do We Say It's Over                                            Lead                                                           Frankie Kraft & Will Branske

Changing Hearts                                                             Lead                                                          Evan Monheit

The Sapiosexuals                                                            Lead                                                          Jeff Bomberger

Dinner Party                                                                    Supporting                                               Angel Manuel Soto

Home Movies                                                                  Supporting                                               Kevin Rios (Sundance fellow)

Just Go For It                                                                   Supporting                                                Andrew Reid (USC short)

Dinner With Naomie                                                      Supporting                                                Betsy Tsai (UCLA short)

Haygood Eats                                                                  Supporting                                                Hazart (Frameline Fest)


Getting On                                                                       Recurring Featured (Sn 3)                       Miguel Arteta (HBO)

Web Series/New Media

Accessory To Friendship                                                 Lead                                                         Hazart 

Rabbit Hole                                                                      Lead                                                         Andrew Hebert (Outfest '17)

Certain Things                                                                  Lead                                                         Justin Bonilla

Class Act                                                                           Lead                                                         Mike Vanelli

The Jiggle                                                                          Lead                                                         Will Branske

Land The Gig                                                                    Recurring                                                Andrew Nixon (AOL Media)

I'm Fine                                                                             Recurring                                                Brandon Kirby (Dekkoo Original)

Hers & History                                                                 Co-Star                                                     Jamie Hanson

Bloomers                                                                          Co-Star                                                    Henryk Cymerman

The Adventures of Delores Briggam                             Co-Star                                                    McKenzie Trent   


Fuddy Meers                                                                   Kenny                                                        DVC; Trevor Moppin

Cabaret                                                                            Bobby                                                        DVC; Ryan Weible

Back to the 80's                                                               Feargal McFerrin III                                 Peter Pan Foundation; Leslie Noel  Wish Upon a Star                                                            Lost Boy                                                    Peter Pan Foundation; Leslie Noel

On the Razzle                                                                  Stagehand Clown                                     DVC; Nicole Diestler             


List available upon request


Currently training with:                                                  ANTHONY MEINDL'S ACTOR WORKSHOP

Acting Technique/Scene study:                                      Doug Warhit; Nikki Diestler; Beth McBrien

Audition Technique/On Camera:                                   Lisa Drummond

Voice Coaching:                                                                Brett Peppo; Elizabeth Emigh

Improv:                                                                             Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade

Special Skills

Barista, Guitar, Swimming, Dry Humor, Sarcasm, Valid Passport, Photography (Canon 5D Mark II)

Copyright © Will Branske

Artist in Los Angeles, CA

Will Branske